The Realization Process: A Direct Path to Embodied Nondual Awakening


In the Realization Process, the radical openness of nondual realization is based on deep contact with the internal space of one's body.  In this way, we discover an authentic, quality-rich experience of our individual being at the same time as we transcend our individuality.  We realize ourselves as fundamental, unified consciousness, pervading our own form and our environment as a whole.

The Realization Process includes Healing Ground, a unique embodied approach to psychological and relational healing by applying fundamental consciousness to the release of psychological holding patterns.

Judith offers classes, workshops, and teacher training/certification programs in the Realization Process.

Judith’s new book:  Belonging Here is now available from online stores and from Sounds True.

Read Judith’s essay, Embodied Nonduality

New:  Brooke Thomas interviews Judith about Realization Process and healing from trauma:

Judith speaking at the Science and Nonduality conference:

Judith’s Teaching Schedule for 2018

(Visit the Workshops and Events page for descriptions, details and registration.)

May 19-23, 2018 - Realization Process workshop.  Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sold out - waiting list only.

June 20-24, 2018 - Realization Process Residential Retreat.  Whidbey Island, Washington (near Seattle). Sold out - waiting list only.

June 24, 2018, 4:30-6:30 PM - Introduction to the Realization Process.  East-West Bookstore, Seattle, Washington.

June 25, 2018, 10:00-3:30 - Realization Process workshop.  Seattle, Washington.

September 15, 2018, 1:00-3:00 Eastern - Realization Process Teachers Online Summit.  On Zoom.  Open to anyone who has completed a certification training in the Realization Process.

September 21-25, 2018: Woodstock, New York; October, November, December, 2018: Online; classes on Zoom.  Advanced Certification Training in Realization Process Trauma Repair. Open to fully certified Realization Process teachers. Sold out - waiting list only.

October, 2018-April, 2019 - Realization Process Embodiment Teacher Certification Tele-Training. Classes on Zoom.

October 12-16, 2018; May 3-7, 2019 -

Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy (Healing Ground) Certification Training. Woodstock, New York.

Private consultations with Judith are available for anyone who has previously worked with Judith in workshops or teacher trainings.  On Zoom or Skype.

Workshops, online classes and private sessions are available from certified Realization Process teachers throughout the world.  Please visit the Realization Process Teachers page for more information.

Judith and The Realization Process are the most effective and transformative teacher and spiritual work I’ve encountered in over 40 years immersed in a spiritual path.  Judith’s work is a direct, clear and precise path to realizing our true nature and to stabilizing in this profound realization. As a fully certified Realization Process teacher, I have been witnessing the power of this work to enlighten and transform my own students and clients. Finally, since my wife and I have been practicing Realization Process together, we’ve never been happier individually and more joyfully attuned together as life partners and best friends. 

Jon Hansen, life coach and Realization Process teacher, Illinois

Judith’s approach to the release of [energetic] holding patterns is simply the most efficient and effective approach to psychotherapy I’ve ever experienced. By contrast, most other forms of therapy now seem akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

All my life I’ve wanted to meditate, but it has typically been a frustrating experience for me. All this changed when Judith showed me how to connect deeply with myself through her body-based practices. Rather than just struggling with my mind, now I have entered a world where I can feel myself becoming more fully alive, and in deep communion with who I really am. Such gratitude!”

Julie Glover, Realization Process teacher, Washington

Judith’s sensitivity to the subtle emanations from all living forms astounds, comforts, and inspires me. I am also moved by her compassionate wisdom and skill in guiding each person’s natural unwinding of the body, heart and mind toward openness, towards realization. In my own experience and in my observation of her work with others, her subtle precise nondual practices heal people  - psychologically, relationally and physically. Shifting from the fragmentation of subject-object duality to the unity of our essential being seems radical, but it’s possible. These gentle, precise, Realization Process practices help us realize our own nature as vast, clear, unchanging, unbounded space.

Roma Hammel, Realization Process teacher, California

After practicing as a psychotherapist for more than 30 years, I have attended many psychotherapy trainings and meditation workshops. Judith's Realization Process got my immediate attention as a radical game changing experience after my first training day. Not only did Judith's exquisite teaching deliver in creating an accessible inner and outer space in the workshop setting, but her elegantly simple instructions made it was possible to recreate the experience at home in my personal and professional life. The concept that we can access the most subtle level of consciousness within ourselves is not new.  But the Realization Process method showed me that by going into my body, becoming embodied, I become more spacious, conscious, more myself.  Rather than transcending the body, Judith taught me to find space within myself, within my physical, mental and emotional holding patterns. Her method teaches how to release these patterns to the space itself. That is radical. As a psychotherapist, I feel empowered to teach people how to let the space do the listening, seeing and healing. 

Marcia Haarer LMSW, Psychotherapist and Realization Process teacher, Michigan

Over my 64 years, I've encountered a broad array of psychological and/or spiritual processes and practices. The Realization Process developed by Judith Blackstone, Ph.D., consists of -- by far -- the most practical, efficient, effective, and transformative processes I have experienced. That's saying a lot, because I have been fortunate enough to encounter some truly outstanding and remarkable teachers and guides. As I have come to appreciate

the beauty and power of my whole and true nature (our individual, yet common, birthright as human beings), issues that I have struggled with my whole life are resolving and dissolving. A deep gratitude for Judith's graciously offered gifts and for life itself has arisen within and suffused my heart.

Robert Kenny, Realization Process teacher, Washington

I am very thankful for over thirty years of ongoing meditation experiences in several spiritual traditions. Imagine my surprise when Judith Blackstone’s workshops and participation in the Realization Process opened entirely new realms of depth to my spiritual practice and human experience.

I have always longed for the persistent realization of a non-dual state, not just with my eyes closed or in a workshop, but also in my consulting practice with organizations, in my work at the university and in my daily life with my family and friends. Thanks to Judith, I now know this territory and can confidently “Be the change I want to see in the world”.

I am deeply impressed and touched by Judith’s refined skill in imparting this knowledge and experience and I recommend participation in the Realization Process to any who share this longing, even if you are not in a “helping profession”.  I now understand how each of us can make an Everyday Difference in our communities, merely by the heart-filled and resonant depth of our presence.  

Catherine Lilly, Consultant and Realization Process Teacher, Michigan