The Realization Process for Relationships



The relational aspect of the Realization Process is a series of attunement exercises that can help intimate partners awaken their most subtle spiritual energies, and experience each other in the unified dimension of nondual, fundamental consciousness. These practices both enhance intimacy and accelerate the realization of spiritual oneness. 

The relational attunement practices can help heal and deepen all types of relationships, including familial and professional.  

When two people attune to nondual consciousness together, they experience mutual transparency: a single expanse of consciousness pervading them both as a unity.  They also experience resonant connection between the essential qualities of their being, such as intelligence, love and physical sensation.

For a full description of the theory and practice of the relational aspect of the Realization Process, see Judith’s book, The Intimate Life.

Benefits of the Work

Attunement Exercises

  • Experience oneness with each other in the clear, unified space of fundamental consciousness
  • Develop subtle energetic contact with each other by connecting from the chakras and channels in the body
  • Deepen and integrate awareness, love and physical sensation
  • Balance oneness and separateness: open to each other without losing inward contact with yourself
  • Refine the senses to that you can see, hear and touch each other on a more subtle level

Conflict Resolution

  • Resolve conflicts by communicating with each other in the clear space of fundamental consciousness
  • Understand and release the defenses and projections that limit your contact and communication

Sexual Intimacy

  • Contact each other through the internal depth of the whole body
  • Attune to the spiritual essence of physical sensation, love and awareness
  • Develop, tolerate and sustain greater intensity of sexual pleasure



Five-day workshops in the relational aspect of the Realization Process.

Private Sessions for Couples

Judith is retired from private practice. The Realization Process for individuals and couples continues with people world-wide who are certified in the Realization Process.