The movement/embodiment aspect of the Realization Process awakens the clear light of fundamental consciousness in the whole body. This spiritual transformation of the body is an integral component of nondual realization.

Wherever we are in contact with the internal space of the body, we are open and responsive to our environment.  When we contact, and live in, the whole internal space of the body we experience that we are made of empty, sentient space, and that everything around us is made of the same empty,sentient space.

These practices can also help heal physical injuries and chronic structural problems, they can bring expressiveness and breadth to gestures and movement, and they can refine our sense of touch.

Subtle Anatomy

The Realization Process cultivates fluidity and ease in the body by attuning to a subtle circuitry of energy points throughout the body. These points are our entranceway into the unified dimension of consciousness. Attunement to the subtle circuitry can also help correct misalignments in the body and in the way we move so that injury can be healed and prevented.

Inhabiting the Body

By inhabiting the internal space of the body, we can deepen contact with ourselves, and develop self-possession and self-confidence. We can also cultivate the essential qualities of our being, such as love, understanding, power, and sexuality. As we deepen contact with the internal space of the body, we both receive and respond to life more deeply.

Realization Process Dance: Stillness Moving

The Realization Process practices are applied to dance for cultivating fluidity, presence and expressiveness. When you include embodied consciousness in your movement, you move with your whole being. The Stillness Moving workshops are for anyone, of any age, who would like to move more easily.  Moving as fundamental consciousness also helps stabilize nondual realization.

Judith was a professional dancer when she injured her back.  The Realization Process practices emerged initially as a way for her to heal herself, and also as a movement technique to teach her dance students.  She found that when she moved as fundamental consciousness, movement more fluid and bouyant.