The Realization Process Meditation:

  • For experienced meditators who wants to reach more subtle levels of meditation.
  • For people who have "glimpsed" nondual reality and wish to stabilize there.
  • If you have difficulty meditating or want to accelerate your meditation practice.
  • If you wish to resolve specific challenges or resistances to spiritual openness.
  • If you find meditation ungrounding,and wish to integrate meditation with spiritual embodiment.
  • If youhave difficulty with boundaries and often feel overwhelmed by the world around you.
  • For people working in the helping professions who need to remain centered but open in the presence of other people's pain.

Workshops and Teacher / Certification Trainings with Judith Blackstone

Phone Sessions are also available for people who have taken a workshop or teacher training with Judith.

The Realization Process is a series of meditative practices for directly realizing our fundamental, nondual dimension of consciousness. This dimension is the basis of both our individual wholeness and our spiritual unity with all other life. The work also awakens the subtle channels of the body, develops and refines the breath/energy system, refines the senses so that you can see, hear and touch on a subtler level and integrates presence and emptiness. In workshops and teacher trainings, attention is given to individual needs and obstacles in the process of nondual realization.
Realization Process for Couples with Judith Blackstone This work offers meditation practices that partners can practice together to deepen and refine both their intimacy and their nondual spiritual realization. The Realization Process practices are used to help partners attune to each other from the source of awareness, love and sensation in the subtle core of the body, and to experience each other in the unbounded, non-dual space of fundamental consciousness while remaining grounded in their own bodies.
Realization Process Movement This is a series of movement exercises based on the Realization Process. The exercises teach how to contact and move through the dimension of fundamental consciousness pervading the whole body. This work brings fluidity to the inner depths of the body, cultivating presence, grace, authentic expression and vitality.