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Realization Process



Realization Process® is a body-centered approach to personal and spiritual healing and maturity. It integrates the process of spiritual realization with psychological and relational healing, and embodiment.

Spiritual Realization

Meditative exercises for realizing our most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness. This is the primary level of our being and the basis of our spiritual oneness with all other life. These exercises attune directly to the unified, pervasive space of fundamental consciousness and to the subtle channel that runs through the core of the body. They develop the chakras, cultivate bliss and clarity, and refine the breath and the senses so that you can see, hear and touch on a more subtle level. They deepen and stabilize meditation practice for both beginning and advanced practitioners.
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Psychological Healing

Combines verbal process and psychological attunement exercises for recognizing and releasing the subtle holding patterns that constrict the body, energy and mind. These exercises attune precisely to the root of psychological holding patterns in the causal level of consciousness. The release of these patterns facilitates and expands the realization of fundamental consciousness. The essence of our being has never been injured. As we attune to it, we become free of depression, anxiety, bitterness and confusion. We also develop compassion for ourselves and others and increase our capacity for pleasure.
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Meditative movement exercises for cultivating the luminous spiritual essence of the body. These exercises teach how to bring the stillness of fundamental consciousness into movement. They also open the body's subtle energy channels, integrate the mind, breath and body, and develop the essential qualities of being, such as love, awareness, power and sexuality. They develop fluidity, expressiveness, vitality and health. For spiritual realization to be an actual transformation of our being, rather than just a change in our beliefs, it requires an awakening of fundamental consciousness in the whole body.
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Attunement exercises for relating with other people in the unified, pervasive space of fundamental consciousness. These exercises teach you how to remain in your own body as you experience oneness with other people, how to relate with other people from the subtle core of the body and how to develop the relational capacities of awareness, emotion and physical sensation. They teach how to see, hear and touch other people with the "bare perception" of fundamental consciousness, and how to dissolve the defenses and projections that keep us from being intimate. Meditations for couples develop subtle attunement, integrate oneness and separateness, and facilitate spiritual realization.
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Realization Process is combined with writing exercises or dance improvisation for deepening the connection to the source of creativity. These exercises develop spontaneity and authentic expression.